Black Sheep do Desert Island Discs

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Posted By: Julie Burley
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Date Posted: Thu, 29 Oct 2020

Desert Island Discs

During our Zoom meetings, I suggested that we have a  Desert Island Discs item.  As it was my idea, of course I went first!  My choice was Climb Every Mountain from Sound of Music.  Not only is it an inspirational song, it reminded me of the time that my grandmother to took me to see it when my brother was born (he's now 51).  Plus I was named after Julie Andrews .... Just wish I had her voice!

Luckily other choir members contributed, (too many to mention here), but it was great to hear music which inspired and influenced people.  Some were happy, others sad, but of equal importance in our lives.

I had three favourites. They were from Sandra, Pat and Debbie C.

Sandra’s song was 'Twist and Shout'.  Back in the 60s, she saw the Beatles in concert at Weston Super Mare, spent 2 days outside their hotel and even sneaked into their bedroom when no-one was watching (don’t try this yourself!).  She ‘pinched’ a card from a pack of new Y-fronts in the wardrobe and even returned the following day to get the fab four to autograph the card.  Sandra has that precious pants insert to this day.

Pat chose "That'll be the day" which was playing at her local youth club when Alan, (her husband to be), asked her for a dance.  We saw photos of the young Pat and Alan, they made a very handsome couple.  This song evokes wonderful memories for her, but sad ones too as it was also played at his funeral.

Finally, Debbie C selected Hi Ho Silver Lining by Jeff Beck.  This reminded her of the time she was a teenager and went caravanning with her parents at Caravan Club rallies.  In her words, she was bored and joined the youth club/disco which became much more over the years.  She developed lasting friendships and went on many holidays with the club.  In Debbie's words "It stopped her from being an unruly youth".  Who'da thought it!

Julie Burley.