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We are a not-for-profit organisation, and welcome donations, no matter how large or small
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Please help Black Sheep replace our broken and outgrown risers.
 Black Sheep Harmony is made up of women from different backgrounds who come together to sing A Cappella Barbershop music at least once a week. We help raise money for local charities, perform in concerts and sing to those in need as well as providing a community and social lifeline for our singers from all walks of life. We are a low cost, non-profit singing group.

 In October 2017 just before we went to our first LABBS convention, two of our six old risers finally broke beyond repair. We knew that they were nearing the end of their working life and could see that many of the metal connectors had broken off, so we couldn't join them together. The wood is looking decidedly warped and bent in places and finally, two of the unique special hinges broke straight off two of the risers on the same night.! We also struggle with moving them as we find them too big and heavy for most of our women to manage. It can be very hard to find a vehicle to transport them in due to their size. Our chorus had also outgrown them and we needed extra capacity for our forty-four women.
For the past three years, we have been raising money towards replacing them and to date, in November 2017 we have raised £1800. However, it has been slow as with a growing chorus come other costs of music, training, and costumes. Our directors are unpaid for their hard work. The new risers we would really want cost £7500 for the perfect scenario and now we need them fast, as in the meantime we will have to stand on the floor as we have growing safety concerns for the remaining risers. With the proposed new ones, anyone can put them up and down and the sections will fit in our cars so no special transport will be required. We will have to compromise.,

We thought it would be worth asking to see if anyone wants to make a donation to help our "Riser Fund" as it makes us more professional in our community work. And let's help get Black Sheep back in stack!

Book us for your concert, donate because you have seen our work or would like to help us out and help make things happen.

Thank you.

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Here is our fundraising target for our new risers. Thank you for your help.
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