Queen Medley

  • General Song Details
  • Made available: Wed, 6 Jan 2021
    Status: Learning now
    Song Category: Core Repertoire
    Song Style: Up-tempo
    Voicing: SSMAA
    Part of public repertoire? Yes
    Contestable Barbershop?: No
    Singing assessment: Not required
    Presentation assessment: Not required
    Arranger: Roel Griffioen
    Composer: Freddie Mercury
    Lyricist: Freddy Mercury
    Key written in: D♭ Major
    Key sung in: D♭ Major
    Pitch blown: D♭
    First words: Tonight, I'm gonna have myself....
    Tempo: 96 bpm
  • Notes for members
  • In 5-part harmony - SSMAA.   

    Lead section split between Sop 2 and Mezzo-Soprano.

    Other sections usual cross-over to SSAA, ie
    Tenor = Sop 1,
    Bari = Alto 1 
    Bass = Alto 2.


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