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  • Black Sheep LOVE "That Man"!
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 28 Jul 2020
    Black Sheep LOVE "That Man"!

    After finishing our successful video of “Anthem”, we were all raring to go on another lockdown project. Anthem is an emotional ballad, so we felt a change of tempo and sentiment was needed and what better than the current song we were learning, “That Man”, made famous by the wonderful Caro Emerald! We were loving the four part harmonies arranged by our very own Pete Nugent.

    For “Anthem” we had combined both audio and video recording in one go but had found it so stressful trying to get not only the notes and words right but performing to the camera at the same time. Not to mention making sure our background was suitable! So this time we recorded the audio separate from the video, a much easier task for everyone. All our individual audio files were sent off to Pete for him to work his magic and then the fun began.

    I had no real conception for the video at that stage however I wanted to show people doing things they enjoyed and, with some lovely weather imminent, decided that garden shots would be ideal. As lockdown was starting to ease it was the perfect opportunity for some of us to gather in small socially isolating groups in several member’s gardens, using individual’s gardens for the rest. The brief was to think of something to do while the filming was taking place, and I was amazed by the number of different activities that the chorus came up with, from gardening in all sorts of forms, drinking tea and alcohol (pretend of course !), doing sudoku, throwing games, playing cards, painting (the artistic kind), cleaning windows and so the list goes on.

    The hardest part for me was on the hottest day of June when temperatures reached the mid 30’s and I was stuck in the sun for over 6 hours while filming 10 people at two venues. But I can say it was worth it as everyone stepped up to the mark and gave it everything. I’m the only one who has seen the complete videos of each singer at full size, and it was a delight to edit each individual performance.

    But then the hard work began! Anyone who has edited video will appreciate the time it takes to produce just a few seconds of finished clip, however this project is five and half minutes long and I needed inspiration.

    Of course our “That Man” had to be Pete, and I had filmed him early on, on a day which promised to be a bit dreary and cool. Typically of British weather, after a rain shower the temperature soared leaving Pete having to carry on playing his part in his thick jacket “for continuity”!

    In the edit I chose to turn him into a cartoon character, to give humour to the piece, and with his antics on the day of filming and the extra clip I asked of him later it proved to be the right direction. And certainly the ending with everyone’s reactions to his “phone call” was a fitting finale to the song.

    This screenshot gives a little bit of an idea as to how an editing screen looks during the process, although in realitiy it is a lot more complicated as each individual video has been incorporated into a grid.

    The whole process has taken two months from start to finish, but I believe that the time spent was worth the effort, and hope that everyone who watches it will smile. On a personal note it was so lovely to meet up with each member, albeit for a short period of time, while we had fun filming. And a huge thank you to Sue F, Sandra, Lyn & Sophie who opened up their gardens for socially distanced filming of other members.       

    Click the link below to watch the full video. If you would like to join us, we welcome new members at our Zoom rehearsals each Thursday.                                                                                                      

    Kathy Farrell

    YouTube Video URL:
  • Thank You, David!
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 30 May 2020
    Thank You, David!
    Even though us singers are still unable to meet physically, we are fortunate to be able to meet virtually and this enables us to carry on not only with rehearsals but also with chorus administration. 

    We have recently held our 8th AGM but of course it was a very different meeting to the previous seven as it was held via Zoom. 

    It is traditional at the AGM to hear a report from our Music Director but this year it was different, we had TWO MDs to present reports! The first was from our outgoing MD David Proud and the second from the new MD recruit, Pete Nugent. 

    David started his report by remembering how eight years ago he wanted to create a chorus where "music is king" and was based on a rich sound and simple friendship but was also low cost. With less than ten members, no music, risers or money, Black Sheep Harmony was born. The chorus quickly grew as the word spread locally and soon began to win prizes at music festivals and competitions. 

    David mentioned several competitions and events where the chorus was praised for its rich, resonant sound. For him, amongst the most notable were the two singouts at Bitton Railway Station. Another was the Reception for the Chairman of South Gloucestershire Council where Black Sheep Harmony provided the after dinner entertainment and looked stunning in black dresses with eye catching yellow corsages. Although we didn’t know it at the time, this was to be David's final singout as MD so it was doubly special as he felt that we had produced the best sound he had heard in recent years. 

    David reflected it had been a difficult decision to retire but he was delighted with the appointment of Pete “Nooj” Nugent as his successor. He felt the chorus was very lucky indeed to have found Pete as he was “top director material” and he referred to Pete's fantastic baritone voice and many gold medals! 

    Pete then said he had been made to feel very welcome and mentioned it was a two-way process for everyone; both chorus and director learning and growing over time. He wanted to thank the chorus for the first few weeks and also to thank David for handing over the reins to him. He said he looks forward to the Zoom rehearsals each Thursday. 

    Pete is also looking forward to building on David’s work with the chorus by further developing Black Sheep and taking us to new heights! Although we are in challenging times, he has been inspired by his Dad's approach to look for the good in any situation. 

    At the end of the meeting, we couldn’t let David’s achievements go unremarked so, as you can see in the photo, we all thanked him personally with our own individual thank you messages! 
    Sue Davis
  • The Heard Immunity - Lockdown Chorus
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 12 May 2020
    The Heard Immunity - Lockdown Chorus
    Ever since lockdown started in March, Black Sheep Harmony, like so many other choruses, have been meeting virtually on Zoom to rehearse.  For us, it’s so much more, as our founder MD David Proud stepped down just as the lockdown started to be replaced by an amazing new gent, Pete “Nooj” Nugent.  Although Pete hasn’t had a single rehearsal in charge, the transition has been b-ewe-tifully managed.  Virtual rehearsals have included warm-ups from YouTube, singing through the four tracks of the week with each sheep muted. Breakouts into sectional rooms are next, giving us a chance to learn our two new songs and isolate problematic parts of older repertoire. After the 8 o’clock Clap for Carers there’s the educational segment (Mongolian throat-singing anyone?) and finally a good old catch-up in How are Ewe? For some of us this is the highlight of a quiet week. 
    Despite all this online fun, we’ve been missing singing together and performing, so the music committee decided to make a video, but not just any video. We are so lucky to have the combined talents of videographer Kathy Farrell and tech genius Nooj to make us look and sound fantastic.  The LABBS polecat “Anthem” seemed to fit the mood of the times. However there was a fortnight’s worth of anguish as sheep tried to get their heads round the technical challenges of playing a special track in one ear on one device whilst filming on another, with nothing distracting in the background and not chopping off your own head in the shot. Not to mention the difficulties of finding a quiet time and space in homes with children / pets / partners wanting to get in on the act. Then there were the camera-shy ewes, those who are trying to work full-time from home, and the new recruit who had to learn the song first. And finally, we had to abandon our PJs and get glammed up with make-up and presentable hair!
    The grand unveiling at rehearsal this week was greeted with acclaim and cries of “Let’s do another one!”. Cue groans from our video editor and MD.  So, I invite you to give the final product a watch - just pick 'Anthem' from our Have a Listen Page, or view on Facebook at
  • Coronavirus Challenges
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 25 Apr 2020
    Coronavirus Challenges
    The world feels very different at present, but Black Sheep Harmony is still singing!

    In a few short weeks, like most of the global population, we have gone from happy little sheep, wandering where we will to being penned up, unable to go anywhere or visit friends and family.

    We have tried our best to keep in contact with each other on social media and sing “together” using video conferencing, and although it is great fun, it just isn’t the same! 

    It’s not a perfect situation but we are all grateful to this technology for keeping us connected, providing very welcome distraction and preventing us from feeling too isolated.

    All singing groups are finding ways to cope with these challenges but for The Sheep, it has been a particularly difficult time. Our wonderful Director and founder member, David Proud was due, after eight years of dedicated leadership, to hand over the reins to our incoming MD, Pete “Nooj” Nugent. This was to happen at a special celebration evening, but then Lockdown happened!!

    Our first ever Zoom rehearsal coincided with Pete’s first, what a difficult way to start, but he did a fantastic job.

    It was a great success and as Pete hosted our first online get together, with input from the music team, the format for our Zoom meetings was established.

    We are still learning, but we have had fun with highly topical warmups, practice of repertoire songs, sectional breakout rooms and educational segments. We even manage to have a mini break to celebrate the hugely difficult work of NHS and other essential frontline workers.

    The evenings have been rounded off b-ewe-tifully with a “how are ewe” session. This social part of the evening is as much fun (at this stage, a tipple of your choice is an optional extra!), and as important as the singing part!

    We are still open for business and although our current rehearsals are very different to normal ones, Black Sheep Harmony would still love to welcome new and even returning members.

    Please contact us through the website or Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Vintage + PreLoved Fair - Cancelled
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 19 Feb 2020
    Vintage + PreLoved Fair - Cancelled
    This event has been cancelled due to the CoronaVirus pandemic.    
    Black Sheep Harmony are delighted to be holding their 3rd annual Vintage and PreLoved Fair on Saturday 6th June at Hanham Community Centre.

    Loads of stalls for you to browse and buy from. 

    We are running our hugely popular Vintage Tea Room served on vintage china and also there will be live entertainment from roving barbershope quartets throughout the day. Plus tombola and raffle.
  • Avon Valley Railway 150th Gala Celebration.
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 5 Aug 2019
    Avon Valley Railway 150th Gala Celebration.

    The Avon Valley Railway 150th year Gala Celebration,  4th August 2019



    The Flock have done it again! Even with a substantial reduction in numbers due to summer holidays, The Black Sheep put on a great show at The Avon Valley Railway 150th Gala Celebration event. 


    The many happy visitors enjoyed lunch, evocative rides on a vintage train or bus, and the opportunity to browse local trade stands and displays from local museums. There was plenty of warm sunshine and cooling ice cream for all as they were entertained by The Sheep singing their hearts out to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the line.


    It was a busy, interesting and very rewarding afternoon at a lovely location which was enjoyed by all!


    Congratulations to Avon Valley Railway on holding such a successful event.



  • Thank You Pam
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 13 Jul 2019
    Thank You Pam

    Black Sheep Harmony said a big thank you to Pam for all her hard work for the group as treasurer. Pam is a founder member of Black Sheep, and has been our treasurer since those early days. 


    She has worked tirelessly to keep our accounts in order, and has ensured a smooth transition by supporting our new treasurer, Cat. 


    We were delighted to present Pam with some gift vouchers for her to spend as she wishes. She intends to buy something special for her garden to remind her of her time as the Black Sheep Treasurer. 


    Thank you Pam, from all of us!

  • BBC Radio Bristol Christmas Celebration 19.12.18
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 20 Dec 2018



    Last night, Black Sheep Harmony were thrilled to sing at the recording of the BBC Radio Bristol Christmas Celebration. A hardy few arrived in the afternoon to do a sound check which got us in the mood for the main event later in the evening.



    We were sharing our green room with a fabulous young acapella group, The Bristol Suspensions, and during the evening were treated to a private performance of two of their songs. Thanks guys!


    The concert, in aid of “The BBC Radio Bristol Alive Appeal” was performed to a large and very appreciative audience of around 500 people in the Anson Rooms in Clifton. A fantastic selection of excellent local talent was presented, and we were so pleased to be part of it. The appeal is aiming to raise £50,000 to change the lives of older people where we live.



    We performed two sets of two songs. In the first set, we sang “O Holy Night”, as arranged by our own MD, David Proud, and “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”. In the second set we treated the audience to “Carol of the Bells” and finished on a high with “Let it Snow”. Sadly, David was poorly with the Christmas lurgy and had to stay in bed with a hot toddy, so the chorus was directed by assistant MD, Sue Davis.


    It was a great evening, the Sheep sang beautifully and it ended with everyone, audience and performers, singing a fun Christmas song together in a round. A rousing finale indeed!


    The programme is due to be broadcast by BBC Radio Bristol on Christmas Eve at 6pm and again on Christmas Day at 9am. Tune in and enjoy!


  • First Christmas singouts 2018
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 11 Dec 2018

    It’s Christmas!!! 

    The Black Sheep have got the festive season off to a flying start with three very different, but all fantastic sing outs. 

    Firstly, we sang at a special Christmas promotional event at Fonthill Garden Centre, Bitton. What a great evening! There were mince pies, Christmas treats from various local producers and a brass band to complete the festive feel. Thanks to the lovely staff and customers at Fonthill for a fab-ewe-lous evening.


    Then, on a rainy Saturday morning we were invited to sing at Tesco Staple Hill as part of the Christmas on the Hill event where we were able to raise money for our chosen charity, Young Minds. Thank you to all the lovely shoppers for their donations and to the Tesco staff for making us feel so welcome. The chocolate reindeer were a real treat!


    We then decamped to Hanham where we had a stall at the Christmas Fair, then finished the day by singing for the Hanham Hall Residents and their children. The grownups loved the singing and the children were so excited to be visiting Santa in his grotto. Susie, the organiser said “I just had to tell you how much I LOVED your choir this evening . What an amazingly enthusiastic choir you are, with beautiful strong voices and fantastic harmonies. I loved the whole ‘oneness’ of your choir and the diversity of your repertoire. You were all mesmerising and magical”.


    It was a busy day and a lovely evening rounded off with mulled wine and mince pies.

    Christmas starts here!





  • Learn to Sing In Harmony
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 21 Sep 2018
    Black Sheep Harmony are pleased to invite any interested ladies to join our Learn to Sing in Harmony Course.
    The course runs for three Thursdays, starting 4 October 2018
    venue - Cadbury Heath Hall, School Road, Warmley - BS30 8EN

  • Vintage and Pre-loved Fair
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 2 Mar 2018
    Vintage and Pre-loved Fair


    Black Sheep Harmony are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a VINTAGE AND PRE-LOVED FAIR at Cadbury Heath Hall on June 2nd.


    There will be vintage and pre-loved clothing and accessories, kitchenalia, china and glassware, bric-a-brac and gifts, and handcrafted items made from reclaimed materials. Local high street charities will also be well represented.


    Come and enjoy traditional refreshments served on antique china at the Black Sheep Vintage Tea Room whilst being entertained by one of our roving Barbershop ensembles..


    Enter the raffle to win one of our fabulous gift boxes.


    Tables and/or rails are available at £10 each. To book a pitch, go to the upcoming events at the bottom of the page, or go to “News and Events” and click on “Upcoming Events”.

  • Black Sheep say Farewell to Mary Williams.
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 13 Jan 2018

    Mary Williams moves to Pastures N-ewe.

    It was with very mixed emotions that Black Sheep Harmony said farewell to Mary at our first rehearsal of the year in January 2018. She leaves us to take up the exciting new role of Music Director at another Bristol chorus, Avon Harmony.

    Mary is virtually a founder member of Black Sheep Harmony, joining three weeks after its inception with very little singing experience. Since then, she has grown so much musically, and has become a real driving force, with her novel ideas, huge input and capacity for learning. She has held various roles in the chorus, including Baritone section leader and Associate Director, as well as being a valued member of the management team, and taking almost sole responsibility for our website and social media. Of course, we will also miss her sunny smile!


    Mary has sung in various quartets within the chorus. Brizzlechix was Mary’s own project and her first real experience of Quartet singing. SongSmiths were very grateful that she was able to stand-in as baritone for several sing outs when Sophie was on maternity leave and she also competed at convention with BS4


    The flock were determined to give her a good send off, so we filled a hamper with loads of gifts and wine, Noey made a unique card and Nicky baked a beautiful cake. Mary finished our rehearsal by directing “For The Longest Time” and “Happy Together”  for the last time. It was a sad yet happy occasion as we said, not goodbye, but “au revoir”


    We are very proud that one of our members is able to go on to direct a chorus of her own. We will miss her very much, but she goes with all of our blessings and very best wishes that her new venture is a success.


    Good Luck Mary!

  • Our review of 2017. What a year!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 4 Jan 2018
     Our review of 2017. What a year!
    A year in the life of Black Sheep Harmony. See and hear what we get up to as a matter of course!
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Crafty Sheep!
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 8 Aug 2017
    Crafty Sheep!

    Here at Black Sheep Harmony, not only do we sing well but we craft well too.

    Many of us have handicrafts as our hobbies – everything from knitting, sewing, growing plants, making “make it yourself” kits, making fudge and homemade chocolates, homemade cordial, and gin making - not to mention the cakes! J

    So, early in 2016 we decided to host our very own craft fair. We hired the hall, contacted stall holders, recruited volunteers to make cakes and sell teas and coffees on the day, had a huge banner made for outside the hall and decided we would sing a few songs on the day.

    It was a huge success. We worked hard, getting to the hall early to set up the tables and organise the stall holders and help them set up. The doors opened at 10am and people drifted in and spent their money on unique handmade items. We all took a turn in the kitchen, selling refreshments and homemade cakes and we sang a few songs for the shoppers and stall holders. The feedback from the stall holders was excellent – some of them said it was one of the best fair’s they’ve done. We packed up at 13.00 exhausted but pleased that it had gone well.

    And, we are doing it all again this year but bigger and better. This year we will be at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall and have 30+ stall holders booked for our event on 11th November 2017.

    On a smaller scale, we have a craft table at our rehearsal on the first Thursday of each month. Members bring all sorts to sell – this month we had beautiful handcrafted sets of 3 tubes on wooden stands filled with sweets, bath salts and gin (Gin does feature quite prominently with us Sheep!), handmade cot blankets and tote bags, homemade fudge and handcrafted gin(see what I mean!) and home-grown vegetables and plants. Last month we had hand sewn aprons, bags and bunting. We raised over £50 for our funds this month.

    So it’s not all about singing – it’s about crafting too!

  • The Black Sheep Entertain in Chipping Sodbury
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 5 Dec 2016
    The Black Sheep Entertain in Chipping Sodbury
    The Black Sheep entertain Chipping Sodbury.

    On a crisp and sunny winter Saturday in early December, the Black Sheep brought Christmas cheer to Chipping Sodbury. Our Christmas repertoire had its first public airing of 2016 at Barnhill Court where the lovely residents gave us such a warm welcome. We entertained them with a wide variety of Christmas arrangements, some carols, such as "Silent Night" and "The Coventry Carol", popular songs, "Let it Snow" being the chorus favourite, and even a Wassail thrown in for good measure! We were then treated to hot drinks and delicious cakes which helped keep us warm as the afternoon unfolded.

    And my goodness, did we need keeping warm! As we left Barnhill Court, the glorious winter sunshine had been replaced by threatening clouds and a very chilly wind! We then took part in the festivities of the Chipping Sodbury Victorian Day. There was so much going on, many stalls selling everything Christmassy, gifts, foods, treats, even mulled wine! There were a variety of working steam engines and steamrollers, all kept in tip-top condition, despite their age. There was even a Town Cryer! As darkness fell, the lights twinkled as the steam drifted by.

    The Black Sheep followed some fabulous displays of dance and gymnastics from very talented young people, and we assembled on the trailer. As we sang our Christmas repertoire, wrapped in our Christmas scarves and hats, decorated with tinsel, the audience grew and became ever more appreciative. David, however, became ever colder as he was receiving the full blast of the icy wind! It is always challenging singing in the open air, but we rose to the challenge, and were very well received. It was a lovely, festive start to our Christmas season, and we are looking forward to many more sing outs in the coming weeks.

    Sue Davis
    Black Sheep Harmony Ladies Chorus
  • Singing Can Take Over Your Life.
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 1 Dec 2016
    Singing Can Take Over Your Life.

     If there's one thing I've learned about singing it's that you need never stop learning about singing! There is always further to go, more to learn. When I first started singing it was in the chorus of a small amateur dramatics group. Productions are taken very seriously and much work goes in to learning words and tunes. When I was cast in my first principle role, acting and singing solo, I thought it couldn't get more serious than that. Singing solo is a different ball game, and holding a tune against an orchestra and chorus is challenging, even when it's s a well known melody.

    As I became more comfortable with battling the orchestra alone, the next step was duetting with another character and it was then that I started being asked to sing simple harmonies. This awakened in me a love for singing in harmony which just cannot be satisfied by singing solo. 

    Fast forward a year or so and I joined a local choir. The leap from show tunes and old time music hall to classical and sacred music was exciting, and the choir sang in four part harmony, soprano, alto, tenor and bass (SATB) and singing alto, I was able to scratch that harmony itch! In both of the choirs I have sang in, singers are allowed to use sheet music, and whilst this is a useful crutch, it does mean that often the singers are not following the primary rule...."Watch the Conductor". Again, I thought that singing couldn't get much more challenging.

    Then it happened! A friend from my drama group invited me to join a small, newly formed group called Black Sheep Harmony Ladies Chorus. She told me that they were ladies who sang in four part harmony in the Barbershop style. Having only heard Barbershop on The Simpsons, I thought I knew what I was letting myself in for. I was mistaken. From the first chord I was hooked, it was completely different to anything I'd done before.

    The learning is done differently, instead of practicing with music at rehearsal, the learning is done at home with teach track and sheet music, so that when you get to rehearsal, you can start singing the song straight away. All without any instruments, and eventually without sheet music!! Vocal lines are named after the male Barbershop lines of tenor (the highest harmony part), lead (usually but not always sings the tune), baritone (fills in all the fabulous harmonies in the middle) and bass (the lowest of the harmony parts). I was lucky to be asked to sing baritone, a vocal part as rewarding as it is challenging. 

    But if you thought that singing was just getting the right words and notes in the right order, then think again. There is so much more to it! Every week, we are given lessons in techniques to improve vocal quality, breathing, vowel matching, even posture. It all affects the sound made by the chorus. 

    Thanks to joining Black Sheep Harmony, I now have the absolute pleasure to sing with three other chorus members in a quartet called The SongSmiths, and we have competed on the national stage as well as singing at local concerts and events. I feel that maybe this could be the pinnacle of my singing, that my singing "career" has led me to this point, and yet, I still have so much to learn. I am still on my musical journey, along with all the other ladies in the chorus and quartet, and it is such a joy! 

    Singing with others in close harmony brings people closer together, and the sense of achievement when it all goes right is incredible, it really does make you feel good. 

    Sue Davis, Baritone!

  • On becoming a Black Sheep!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 1 Aug 2016
    On becoming a Black Sheep!
     Well, who would have thought this time last year that I would have singing as a new hobby……and be a sheep?!  Certainly not me.  I have always liked singing, but all I had done in my role as a nursery nurse in school was leading 3 to 4 year olds through rhymes and songs each with an average of four rhyming lines to learn. No great feat!  In fact, I wasn’t even sure I could sing grown-up stuff.  Oh and I did get as far as grade 1 piano aged 7, but that really is as far as my musical knowledge went.  So it is with great pleasure and surprise that I find myself immersed in this new pastime.  It has beBlack Sheep Harmony singing whilst waiting for Radio Bristolen an exciting challenge and revelation to find that, I DO have the ability to learn the words and sing the notes of the BlackSheep repertoire. 

     This is all due to the wonderful opportunity to join the 'Learn2sing' course last September.  When I first heard BlackSheep sing, I was bowled over by the fantastic sound, complicated harmonies and a singing style which I had hardly ever come across before.   As I loved what I heard, so my journey began. Under the exceptional encouragement of David. With the terrific support, time and patience offered by Kathy. Along with the welcome from all the chorus, I began to think that maybe I can sing a bit.  So, with the aid of sheet music, teacher tracks and time spent very definitely alone in the kitchen, here I am enthusically learning all the songs and starting to make "sheep puns".

     I have found that becoming a BlackSheep (it is great to have a darker side when known as ‘Mrs Sensible’) has meant joining a group of people who offer friendship, laughs, fun, challenge and experiences that are often on the unusual side.  I’m really pleased and grateful that I have had this opportunity to realise the joy of singing. This new world only opened up because of the huge amount of work, organisation and commitment the chorus made in starting the Learn2sing classes, and all the support offered since then.

    Sue F
    YouTube Video URL:
  • We sing for gin!
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 31 Jul 2016
    We sing for gin!
    Didn't we have a luverly time the day we went to the Gin Festival?

    Six thirsty sheep  (Nicky, Kathy, Ann, Sue D, Mary W and Noey) went along to the first Bath Gin Festival held at the Guild Hall  (a place we know and love so well) and........, drank gin, strangley enough! But what do you get when you mix girls from the chorus with alcohol? That's right....singing!

    As we started singing, one lady came up to us and said "Are you from The Black Sheep?" It would seem that our fame and noteriety preceed us whenever we go! It turned out that she had been along to our concert at St Stephen's, recognised our style and clearly loved us!

    But that was not all! What started off as a cheeky little sing on the stair well, turned into a full blown performance in front of about 300 people! The host of the Festival got to hear us and asked us if we would sing to the whole massed assembly. Before we knew it, we were up onstage with two microphones in front of us, doing our thing. They even paid us in gin tokens!

    All in all it was a fabulous, fun event and not only did we drink a lot of different gins, but found out a lot of information as well. Did you know that gin is made out of potato vodka? Then they add the 'botanicals' like juniper berries and other aromatic herbs and spices. Fascinating stuff!

    We were all a little jaded by the end of the evening, but it was brilliant fun and I thoroughly recommend it to ewe all next year!

    Noey x 

  • One gin and six straws!
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 29 Jul 2016
    One gin and six straws!
    We had a luvverly time, the day we went to the Gin Festival.

    A small flock of six thirsty sheep met up on the train and went to Bath to take part in the Gin Festival being held in the Guild Hall. It was a very civilised affair and whOne Gin and Six Strawso knew there were so many gins? About 120 of them we were told were there ready and waiting to be tasted. So not wishing to disappont any of them, we set about the difficult task of choosing just four of them (£20 bought you a four-drink card). A few free samples to start with got us well in the mood and soon we were learning all sorts of facts about gin apart from what it tasted like. Did you know gin is made from potato vodka, for example? So many different things are added to it to enhance its flavour (anything from anise to sweet violets) and we quickly worked out which ones were our favourites.

    Now, what do you get when you mix girls from the chorus and gin together? Well.....singing as it happens. Somebody (I wonder who that could be) produced a pitch pipe and off we went. We hadn't been singing for long when a lady came up to us and asked "Are you from The Black Sheep?". Our fame spreads far and wide it would seem. She'd been to the concert at St Stephen's and had recognised us.. She said we were just as great then as we were at the concert. She wasn't the only one to notice us as what started out as a cheeky little sing in the stairwell turned into a full blown performance to about 300 people.

    Black Sheep at the Gin FestivalThe host for the event heard us singing and asked us if we could sing in the main hall, Before we knew it we were up on stage with two microphones in front of us, singing to the entire massed assembly. We went down a storm and we were given free gin tokens for our efforts. One girl who'd heard us sing was so impressed she came over and gave us her last gin token for us to share. Hence the caption - one gin, six straws!

    It was a fabulous fun day, so many thanks to the 'gin singers': Kathy, Ann, Sue D, Nicky, Mary W and Noey (me!). Next year it's my intention to do it all again, this time with a full chorus. Get ready!

    Noey x
  • Midnight Walk 2016
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 10 Jul 2016
    Midnight Walk 2016
     St. Peters Hospice Midnight Walk 2016One warm evening on July 9th 2016, over a dozen Black Sheep took to the streets of Bristol after a busy day to raise money walking five miles. It was for St. Peters Hospice who nurse people who are dying from terminal cancer in their caring and loving environment.

     It is a subject very close to our chorus' heart having lost our tenor friend Jill earlier this year. She was diagnosed less than a year before and sadly she passed away in the care of St. Peters Hospice. I was impressed by the devotion of the staff and helpers who nursed her to keep her comfortable and help look after the families emotional needs at such a difficult time. We did the walk last year when she feeling unwell and this year we tried to give something back and to ease the burdan of costs of this important charitable care. 

     On the day of the walk, it started with a few of us being asked to sing on BBC Radio Bristol. We had the crazy idea that this year we would dress as Sheep. So there we were at the BBC Bristol at 8am looking sheepish on the street. It didn't last long as one interview later and a song later live on the radio, our confidence had grown. Then we started busking in a cafe, on the street outside the charity shop and city museum.

     Later in the day, it was time for the walk. Some of us arrived just in the nick of time to be dragged straight onto the stage to sing to the crowd of a few hundred women in a sea of pink, flashing bunny ears and carnival gear who were also taking part. Lazy Day was the song of choice and the ladies loved us.

     The walk was long going, up and down steep hills, singing as we went and it is not quite so easy when you should be tucked up in bed. However as someone aptly said she wasn't dead yet and for that we should be very greatful You can donate at the link below.

    Mary W.
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